Voyage (Incl. Lister Remix)

MR.BLACK⁠, Yahel⁠ & Eyal Barkan⁠ feat. Sailo

MainstageSlap House

A name connected to the Revealed Recordings family thanks to megahits including ‘The Future’, ‘Top Of The World’, ‘Falcon’ and many more, MR.BLACK once again strikes gold to take us on a ‘Voyage’ with a captivating collaboration with Yahel and Eyal Barkan, set for release this August!

With a plethora of Global fans and high-climbing Beatport releases, MR.BLACK brings a unique combination of racing, intense productions and earworm level lyrics to his studio output and cranks the dial even further up on ‘Voyage’. With a tinkling melody that sets the tonal attributes as something of a stripped back nature for the artists, diving yet futuristic drum pads and intergalactic vocal elements ensure ‘Voyage’ sounds fresh for 2022. Pulsating with a deep house take that swells with a rich yet dominating pace, the male topline cuts through the progressions to invite us along for the ride of sensual and captivating electronics, sure to sparkle across festivals this season and ensuing club shows!

Not only bringing this all-new original track to fans, fellow Revealed Recordings alumni Lister, leading on from his releases on the imprint including ‘Just A Dream’ and ‘Attention’, adds an exclusive remix to this package that pushes the envelope more and is especially impressive for an artist that is still only 20. Snapping into a harsher, darker onslaught of BPMs and punctuating the rolling bass with key stabs and snare claps, the techno-leaning attributes take over as the lead vocal spins between the mutating and the breathy, all interjecting with a different take for the early hours party fans.

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