Trilogy EP

Mark Sixma

Mark Sixma shatters genre conventions with the release of his latest blistering techno track, ‘Obsession’. This track marks the third addition in his electrifying genre-bending trilogy, dropping on the 25th August 2023!

Infused with Sixma’s signature touch, ‘Obsession’ fuses relentless energy with a distinct techno edge, resulting in a mesmerizing blend of soundscapes that are as haunting as they are exhilarating. The ominous basslines in ‘Obsession’ lay the foundation for a sensory experience that is both pulse-pounding and immersive. The track boasts meticulously crafted layers, seamlessly weaving together squelchy acid blasts and rampant synths, creating an atmosphere that pulsates with intensity.

Mark Sixma, the boundary-pushing DJ and producer, has been a name at the forefront of the electronic scene for decades and is synonymous with producing the upper echelon of trance and house productions. Now, the Dutch don breaks free from genre confines, releasing three explosive anthems on Hardwell’s Revealed. ‘Obsession’ follows on from ‘Decibels’ and ‘Just Noise’ which were released earlier this year and have already been met with critical acclaim from both fans and industry tastemakers alike; his latest masterpiece is sure to follow the same pattern of success.

Trilogy EP - Mark Sixma⁠ 
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