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After months of waterfall releases, the penultimate piece in the REBELS NEVER DIE album puzzle is here. Pioneering electronic figure Hardwell drops the second to last of his album singles with 'SELF DESTRUCT', and it's a behemoth, gut-busting bass rumbler for the masses.

Accompanying the ferocious sonics that underpins this new Hardwell sound, 'SELF DESTRUCT' utilises a technostructure combined with the same energy found in the big room sound Hardwell championed early on in his career. The song features a breakdown furnished with a classic Dial-Up modem sound and a spoken "Self Destruct sequence has been initiated"  lyric, contrasting the track's pulsating instrumental.

As the last but one lap before the REBELS NEVER DIE album arrives, the Revealed label boss aims to throw down one more party banger to rev up global dancefloors. Currently deep into his REBELS NEVER DIE world tour, Hardwell will be taking the new stage concept and album show to the following cities over the coming months: Montreal, New York City, Vancouver, San Francisco, Valinhos, Hamburg, Dubai, Madrid, Lodz, Frankfurt, Amsterdam, Bangkok, Jakarta, Hong Kong, Shanghai and Taipei.

Hardwell's SELF-DESTRUCT is available on all streaming platforms via Revealed Recordings! 

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