The Ones We Love (VIP Mix)

ANG⁠ feat. Amanda Collis


Mexican producers Arturo Kahan and Gabriel Haber, better known as ANG, are back on Revealed, this time in the company of talented vocalist Amanda Collis, to release their much-anticipated single, 'The Ones We Love (VIP Mix).'

A track of seismic proportion for the collaborating artists, this psy-trance-instilled mainstage beast is sure to cause unruly behaviour positively on the dancefloor. Amada's vocals is soaring and impactful alongside the beaming melodic structure crafted by ANG's production prowess. Sliding into a full peak-time performing track, 'The Ones We Love (VIP Mix)’. Is a sublime cut that is sure to become unforgettable anthem for fans of both artists and beyond.

Known for their diverse multi-genre tracks, primarily blending progressive trance with elements of big-room, heavy bass progressive, and electro house, ANG have gone on to headline major festivals worldwide. From Ultra Europe to EDC Mexico, as well as performing at top clubs in cities worldwide, including Los Angeles, Mykonos, and Bangkok, the duo has become a major player on the touring circuit.  Alongside this, they've collaborated with industry giants like Showtek and Dash Berlin, releasing music on prominent labels, including Spinnin' and Armada Music.

Amanda Collis, a 26-year-old artist and songwriter, has made a significant impact on the pop and dance music scenes. Amanda's powerful and dynamic voice leaves a lasting impression, making her presence unmistakable in any song. Her knack for crafting catchy melodies and heartfelt, conversational lyrics allows her music to resonate across various genres.

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