Revealed Webinar 3 (A&R Demo Session) with KAAZE


Revealed Webinar | Topic: A&R Demo Sessions Live | Thursday, June 11 - 7 pm CEST
Panelist: KAAZE (Artist), Ortzy Arbinaga (A&R Revealed Radar), Sebastien Lintz (Director)

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Revealed Webinar 3

What can you expect?
- KAAZE & Revealed A&R will listen to your demo and share feedback.
- Learn from others how to improve your track
- Learn how the A&R team listen to demos
- Ask them questions in the chat/Q&A tool.

For who is this webinar?
- Producers
- Managers
- Junior A&R's who want to learn more about the A&R process.

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Revealed Webinar 3 (A&R Demo Session) with KAAZE - KAAZE⁠ revealedrec⁠