The Neon City

VIVID⁠ & Qwerty


With mega releases including ‘Renegades’ and ‘Phon Me’ bringing mainstage big-room to Revealed Recordings previously, VIVID is back with a band and he’s riding through ‘The Neon City’ on this all-new release, and bringing Qwerty along for the ride!

Qwerty, a name on the rise that has already reaped the rewards and delivered high anticipation on this collaboration, that was recently supported by Hardwell on the Ultra Miami mainstage, presents a bold auditorial statement to welcome the audience into this explosive union. “Welcome to Tokyo, the neon city!” declares the intergalactic, out-of-this-world vocal to kick off proceedings, transporting the listener to a technicolour world with hard-hitting drums, techno hyper-speed beats and melodies that race faster than a Shinkansen.

The Neon City - VIVID⁠ & Qwerty⁠ 
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