Superhuman (Kosling Edit)

Thomas GoldDavid Shane

Thomas Gold has remained at the peak of his career with Revealed being a go-to platform to showcase his best sounds from the get-go and for 2020, he is reunited with US singer-songwriter David Shane to create a release that exceeds the ‘Superhuman’, remixed by French rising maestro Kosling.

Leading on from the success of the pairing’s previous collaboration ‘Escape’, the unity of this glittering pairing steps it up once again with a release that will have fans, peers and onlookers dazzled. Taking an atmospheric, spacious opening that accelerates with emotion, “I want you to know, no matter where you go, if you’re feeling low, I’ll hold you close” echoes on the emotional sentiment, crystallising that we are all in fact, ‘Superhuman’. 

Uplifting keys raise up to another stratosphere thanks to an underpinning melody that radiates positivity to shine out of the speakers and create hands-in-the-air jubilation, encompassing a raw message of positivity that transcribes a message of hope to resonate way beyond the tracks’ three-and-a-half minute mark – make sure you get your hands on Thomas Gold and David Shane’s jubilant ‘Superhuman’ remixed by Kosling, out June 12th via Revealed Recordings!

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