Rise Up

Thomas Gold⁠ & KAZDEN

A mainstay name across the Revealed Recordings roster over the past decade, Thomas Gold has illuminated the scene across releases including ‘Believe’ and ‘Without You’ as now he shows he possesses the Midas touch once again on ‘Rise Up’ alongside Kazden.

Kazden is a young name that has been blazing through as his recent collab with Kill The Buzz received hat-tips of support from label head Hardwell and R3spawn, with him and Thomas Gold now delivering an inimitable level of idiosyncrasy that runs rings around the competition, bringing white-hot heat to the end of the Summer that fans have been longing for. Slashing in with moody synth stabs that deliver on the deeper end of the spectrum, a chopped vocal clip delivers as almost spooky in it’s tone, just enough to tease and set the stage for the ensuing drop. Merging rudeboy spits come the breakdown urging us to rock to the rhythm an rise up, it’s a powerful anthem that when merged with the big-room skills of the two producers, creates an epic anthem set to be a future-classic.

‘Rise Up’ from Thomas Gold and Kazden is out this September only on Revealed Recordings!

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