The Oldskool Vibe

Kevin D'Angello


Revealed is not resting on its laurels after recently hitting the milestone of its 1000th release. Maintaining its laser focus on delivering slamming dancefloor bangers, the iconic imprint now unreleases the latest white-hot track from Kevin D'Angello's title, 'The Oldskool Vibe'.

Making a grand entrance with an imposing synth stab, rolling basslines, and a vocal topline brimming with swagger, 'The Oldskool Vibe' soon launches into nostalgia territory thanks to a classic rave melody. The breakdown on 'The Oldskool Vibe' is a cyclone of sizzling synths before a return to the ravey instrumental—a homage to the golden era of dance music.

Dutch DJ/Producer Kevin D'Angello is a relative newcomer to the scene. He began his musical journey in mid-2023 when he released his debut track, 'Space Train', via the esteemed Revealed label. Since then, the track has gone on to be a huge favourite on TikTok and achieved over 20 million combined streams. 'The Oldskool Vibe' marks the fifth release in Kevin's career to date and looks set to once again raise the profile of this promising artist. 

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