Rooftop Party

Swanky Tunes⁠ & Dirtcaps⁠ ⁠

As no strangers to the Revealed Recordings family, Swanky Tunes & Dirtcaps unite for a further white-hot heater of a release on ‘Rooftop Party’, sure to soundtrack your own festivities way beyond the Summer months drawing to a close.

As the Russian trio and Dutch duo bring an unmistakably punchy, big-room flavour to the fore, hypeman-style vocals stating “We Like The Girls That Like To Get Naughty!” precede a chest-rattling trap breakdown; laden with bass that will inebriate ear drums – in the best possible way, of course! Bringing in-your-face elements that switch-up with a vigorous energy, all whilst encompassing an attitude of fun, fire and oomph that makes you wanna join the guys gang, ‘Rooftop Party’ has already been receiving major nods from Hardwell and, not surprisingly, took the roof of at Mysteryland this past weekend which was Dirtcaps last ever festival appearance, as the pair bring the project to a close late 2018 – making ‘Rooftop Party’ one of their last ever productions, and one dripping with style and substance at that.

Make sure you’re a part of not only Revealed Recording’s history, but Swanky Tunes & Dirtcaps, too, with this historical, fiery and blazing release – ‘Rooftop Part’ is out Aug 27th! 

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