Revealed FX Tools Vol. 6



Step into the vibrant world of Revealed FX Tools Vol. 6, where each sample is a splash of creativity waiting to happen. Designed for producers who love to experiment with a twist of fun, this pack is a kaleidoscope of sound, from the quirky to the atmospheric, ready to add color to your tracks.

Ease of use is at the heart of this collection. Every sound, whether it's a captivating ambiance, a lively human element, or an energizing riser, is crafted to seamlessly blend into your projects. Just drag and drop to instantly inject a unique personality into your music. It’s about spontaneity and playful creativity – a perfect tool for when you want to add a little flair or solve a creative puzzle in your track.

Revealed FX Tools Vol. 6 isn't just a sound pack; it's an invitation to play, explore, and let your musical stories unfold with a touch of whimsy and a lot of heart.

Reveal Yourself.

Revealed FX Tools Vol. 6 - Details

REV-FXT6 Ambience [6 samples]
REV-FXT6 Downlifters [10 samples]
REV-FXT6 Flanger Noise (140 BPM) [5 samples]
REV-FXT6 Humans [25 samples]
REV-FXT6 Impacts [10 samples]
REV-FXT6 Reverse Synth FX (132 BPM) [40 samples]
REV-FXT6 SFX [40 samples]
REV-FXT6 Sub Drops [15 samples]
REV-FXT6 Tonal Risers (140 BPM) [15 samples]

166 samples
Library is sorted within multiple categories for easy navigation
All sounds with discernible pitch labeled with exact Key

Sample format(s): 48Khz / 24Bit Stereo PCM .wav files
Approx. 294MB installed / Approx. 265MB Compressed .zip download

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