Releasing work from some of the best in the industry is no secret to Hardwell’s Revealed Recordings, and also offering a seat at the table for a platform to propel the most exciting fresh talents is something they continue to champion with vigour. Nevlin is one of these new-school prodigious members, recently-new to the family and now presenting his fourth revealed release that is no ‘Problema’, he follows on from the explosive collaborations with Paris Blohm and KURA to step out in a solo self-assuredness.

Introducing a hardstyle element from the get-go, along with harsh abrasive swatches of synth that shoot like bullets, a Drum-n-bass inspired sub beat presents a complex and stark syncopation that races with nods to old school rave. As sound samples intrigue and excite, Nevlin blazes through the elements of hardstep and breakcore with a deep, dark feel that is undoubtedly going to set speakers on fire, drum patterns looping and entangling with excitement for a release that gets listeners bouncing.

Full of fire and hurtling towards its release with the speed of a meteorite, make sure you get your hands on ‘Problema’ from Nevlin, out via Revealed Recordings July 15th!

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