Heroes (Blackcode Remix)

MR.BLACK⁠, Pangea

Leading on from a plethora of Revealed Recordings renegades including ‘Light A Fire’ and ‘Remedy’ most recently, Blackcode returns to work some remix magic on label favourites MR BLACK and Pangea’s ‘Heroes’.

MR BLACK The first single to be taken from his forthcoming artist album ‘MR.BLACK Presents: Hybrid‘, latin-inspired strings and building chords pin-pointed the essence of the original, as now Blackcode reinvents with his omission to pack a whallop of a punch. Leading with atmospheric swathes of keys that swell, barely-there for the powerful, precise female vocal that takes the release by the horns, “We Are Heroes/ We Are Strong” resonating as the main premise that will wow with it’s message. Building up with high-tension and riveting octanes of power that evolves into a big-room banger of epic proportions, between a push-and-pull of dimensions that muses through emotion and tag-teams of epic, bolstering electronic takes, make sure you get your hands on Blackcode’s remix of MR BLACK and Pangea’s ‘Heroes’!

MR BLACK & Pangea - Heroes (Blackcode Remix) is released October 14th, only via Revealed Recordings!

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