Come Around

MOTVS⁠ & Don Paolo

Capitalising on the bubbling scene and rave-goers insatiable appetite for hard hitting techno music, MOTVS and Don Paolo team up on ‘Come Around’ exclusively on Revealed Recordings.

Fusing some of the most popular sounds in the world of music at the minute, in hyper-pop, techno and even bits of trance, MOTVS and Don Paolo are able to create a big room techno masterpiece unlike no other. The unique influences are effortlessly portrayed through the sonics of the sound, making for an energetic, high-octane and dancefloor ready head banger from two of the scenes most exciting upcoming producers. Alongside the thumping kicks and earth-shaking bass, the topline on this track really adds a tasteful contrast, emphasising both ends of the spectrum equally.

MOTVS and Don Paolo are two Italian DJ/producers who are pioneering the big room techno sound across Europe for their homeland! Hailing from the same country, the two producers have an obvious understanding of one another, resulting in top quality, cohesive floorfillers on some of the biggest labels in the world and now Revealed. MOTVS is no stranger to Revealed channels however, making himself a mainstay in the labels rotation thanks to releases like ‘Satellite’ and ‘Harmonic’, both of which released this year.

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