Hello Techno

Mariana BO⁠ & Bonka


Mariana BO lends a hand from Bonka on this unrelenting spectacle of a techno track, ‘Hello Techno’ is releasing exclusively via Revealed Recordings!

If you are looking for a big room, high-energy and fist-bump-worthy techno track, then look no further than Mariana BO and Bonka’s new anthem ‘Hello Techno’. The two combine their unique styles and transport you to a huge open warehouse complete with strobe lights and a gargantuan rig. The bass is thumping relentlessly, the company is amazing, and you can’t stop dancing. When you close your eyes and listen to this track, that is where it takes you! A true techno banger with an almost trance like twinge.

Mariana BO is one of the most exciting and unique acts in all of EDM. Bringing her Latin heritage in to everything she produces, Mariana BO uses EDM and her love of strings, particularly the violin, to produce magical soundscapes unlike anything you’ve heard before. The incredibly talented musician has become mainstay in EDM culture, even securing a #34 placement on DJ Mag’s Top 100 List! She continues to captivate audiences around the world with her list of musical talents, making her one to watch in the coming months of this year!

Following on from Dutch duo Bonka’s recent release on Revealed in ‘Escape’ with Saberz on the back end of 2022, the pair return to Revealed airwaves with an incredibly gutsy collaboration with Mariana BO on this techno slapper! The duo is no stranger to commercial success however, as they proudly boast three Billboard Mix/Airplay Top 10's singles in the United States as well as a plethora of other honours across Europe, The Americas and Australia!

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