Black Butterflies

Kill The Buzz⁠ & Doublefast feat. Heleen

Kill The Buzz and Doublefast have teamed up together alongside featured vocalist Heleen to release ‘Black Butterflies’ on Revealed Recordings. It’s not the first time the pair have collaborated together on a track either, as earlier in the year they released ‘Know You’, but ‘Black Butterflies’ marks their first union for Hardwell’s label.

The track opens with Heleen’s high-pitched, powerful vocals sitting below a euphoric chord pattern as a crescendo of percussion leads into the first drop; this then hits with a powerful big room sound and a stabbing synth melody that is undoubtedly Revealed Recordings and soaked in energy. During the second breakdown Heleen’s topline re-appears, piercing through the track to deliver an ecstatic feel that flutters across ‘Black Butterflies’, her first impressive appearance on the imprint as a star vocalist.

Kill the Buzz is a well-known Revealed veteran at this point, surpassing achievements that many of his other generational peers decades ahead of him would be envious of. Since starting career back in 2012 he now has over 15 releases on the imprint, recognized for his big room sound and cutting edge drops, Kill the Buzz is awizard behind the decks playing at some of the biggest venues and festivals across the world including Tomorrowland, New York’s Madison Square Gardens, India’s World’s Biggest Guestlist Event and being one of the first DJs to play at the Hockenheim Racetrack ever, speaks volumes.

A newcomer to the Revealed family, Moscow based Doublefast is an upcoming producer with an impressive number of releases on that continue to drop onto all the important Spotify playlists within the genre, this talented producer is definitely one to watch for the future! Together Kill The Buzz and Doublefast have created an uplifting track which is sure to get the dance floors moving.

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