Dark Atmosphere

Kill The Buzz

Big Room Techno

Dutch maestro and long-time Revealed Recordings family member Kill The Buzz returns to the imprint in impressive style! On his latest masterpiece, he shifts gears into underground influence and mainstage-worthy productions with the techno masterpiece, ‘Dark Atmosphere’, coming soon!

A high-octane blend of banging and rolling techno, characterized by its relentless basslines, pulsating rhythms, and immersive synths that transport listeners to another world, its brash, unforgiving and irresistible all rolled into one. This single is a testament to Kill The Buzz’s prowess in creating intense and dynamic sound, setting a new standard for the genre with a raw bite that growls and doesn’t let go. Capturing the inflamed, unfiltered energy of the scene, he here showcases his growth as an artist front and centre, as one that is never afraid to adapt.

Dark Atmosphere - Kill The Buzz⁠ 
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