Creatures Of Space


Revealed mainstay KEVU has been nothing short of bringing the heat throughout his already burning up career. From previous collaborations with Maddix on ‘Soldier’ and ‘BANG’, over to his recent solo trailblazer ‘Afterlife’, he now returns to Revealed Recordings to take us to another planet on ‘Creatures Of Space’.

Initiating with a pitched-up, rave style vocal, KEVU’s production eases in with swathes of synth and key stabs that nods to the approaching sensory explosion. As the female vocal rapidly declares “I know what you think/ what you did… I don’t give a fuck what you think”, it’s a message of resistance that stands proud in its delivery before a trance-like, rapid melody hits the accelerator. As intergalactic layers of the lyrics mutate with the low-end frequencies and glitches of manipulated tones, ‘Creatures Of Space’ evolves into a big-room spectacle that thrusts forth out of the speakers.

Toying between moments of space and enrapturing thrills, make sure you get your hands on KEVU’s latest home run, ‘Creatures Of Space’, out this July only via Revealed Recordings!

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