Jeffrey Sutorius

Progressive House

Dutch legend in the scene Jeffrey Sutorius has been releasing music for way over a decade with a unique, boundary-pushing style of progressive house and leaning into strains of trance. Harnessing his career with hugely praised original tracks and remixes for the likes of Janet Jackson, Justin Timberlake, Mylo and Leny Kraviz, Sutorius now returns to Hardwell’s Revealed Recordings with his first ever progressive house album across a plethora of spellbinding and career-defining tracks on ‘#aparttogether’!

Brining a fierce emotion to his music, the inaugural track with US stalwart in the scene vocalist Jonathan Mendelsohn, ‘Dancing With Tears In My Eyes’ is a hands-in-the-air-worthy energy, vibrating beats setting the melody alight for Mendelsohn’s vocal to soar, punctuated with euphoric keys and a build-up that grabs attention. Taking a turn and collaborating with Mexican duo ANG and feature vocalist Sarah De Warren, ‘Sink Or Swim’ brings in the big guns, rising through the rankings with hyper speed, big-room leaning bombastic, a militant-style beat and trance-like synthlines cut through the sensual vocal with ease.

Dutch producer and previous collaborator Sir Notch steps up to the plate to join the party on ‘Broken Hearts’, taking a step back from the high-octane to bring a stripped-back anthem that brushes with nods to country before elevating into an anthem worthy of the mainstage, surely set to become something of a classic. Linking up with Katie Louise Smith to bring a sheerly impressive, bold vocal performance to ‘Not Afraid’, delivered almost operatically, it’s an omission that stands up to the bold production put forth by Sutorius.

From the enriching, tonally impressive ‘Back To You’ featuring KATT that shows a breath-taking performance, far-reaching and swelling with emotion, Sutorius’s key-heavy and impactful merger of big-room and progressive stands here as some of the best work he’s ever done.

Across 17 tracks that uplift, deliver impassion and will surely stand the test of time as the latest offering from the highly respected producer, make sure you get your hands on ‘#aparttogether’ and feel the unity through the music when it is released this March, only via Revealed Recordings!

#aparttogether - Jeffrey Sutorius⁠ 
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