Summer Air (Dr Phunk Remix)

Hardwell⁠ feat. Trevor Guthrie⁠, Dr Phunk

Dutch native Dr Phunk has been busy in the studio working his remix magic on ‘Summer Air’. Featuring the powerful vocals of Trevor Guthrie, ‘Summer Air’ was originally released back in May 2019 by Revealed head honcho, Hardwell. Since then it’s proved massively popular, amassing an impressive 10 million plays on Spotify. Dr Phunk’s version of the track is the second time ‘Summer Air’ has been remixed and it does not disappoint.

Opening with a combination of Trevor’s deep vocals and an array of airy pads ‘Summer Air’ gradually develops as Dr Phunk adds in the familiar acoustic guitar samples that can be heard in the original. In comparison with Hardwell’s version, it becomes obvious that Dr Phunk has upped the tempo of the entire track, giving it fresh direction, a new form of energy and the hardstyle sound he’s become known for. The track descends into a hardstyle themed drop coupled with a pulsating bassline and razor-edged, reverb-filled synth melody, a proper dance floor killer, perfectly designed to be played out in clubs and arenas across the globe.

Well known hardstyle producer Dr Phunk has already appeared on the Revealed Recordings imprint a number of times. He’s had several records out on the label with the most recent being ‘Just Say Yeah’, released in June 2019. ‘Summer Air’ isn’t Dr Phunk’s first remix for Revealed either, with one of the most notable being his remix of Sick Individuals huge trackSymphony’.

Dr Phunk’s remix of ‘Summer Air’ is out 27th September, don’t miss out and get your copy from Revealed Recordings.

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