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From his epic return from hiatus earlier this year, Hardwell has already unleashed a cacophony of white-knuckle tracks including ‘BROKEN MIRROR’, ‘MIND CONTROL’ and ‘ZERO GRAVITY’ as he now unveils his latest instalment taken from his forthcoming ‘REBELS NEVER DIE’ album; ‘I FEEL LIKE DANCING’!

With an abrasive call to arms opening up proceedings, ‘I FEEL LIKE DANCING’ is an instigating declaration that demands attention, bouncing off the walls with a tightly-wound reverb before colossal rolling kick drums bring a dense dominance to the release. With clapping, splintering-style  beats and an ever-evolving rhythm, the heavy synth melody then mutates into full-blown techno, sure to gust the speakers off when dialled up to ten. 

As the mantra-leading title appears throughout the track, the tempo pulls back before alerting the listener of its return with a self-explanitory vengeance, causing turbulence with it’s consistently ascendant and throttling force, ‘I FEEL LIKE DANCING’ is not one for the faint hearted and is sure to get blood pressures rising with excitement this Summer!

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