Give Me



AVAO transport listeners to a dystopian realm on the 20th July in new blistering mainstage masterpiece ‘Give Me’.

‘Give Me’ represents a sonic journey into a dystopian landscape, where raw energy intertwines with haunting melodies and roaring bass. The relentless 4-4 beat serves as the backbone, relentlessly propelling the track forward and igniting a visceral connection with the audience. With a sound engineered for massive mainstage impact, ‘Give Me’ encapsulates the essence of AVAO's distinct style. The track envelops listeners in a world of dark and mysterious undertones as the futuristic vocals warn of ‘falling deeper and deeper into an algorithmic maze’, while the electrifying mainstage soundscapes evoke a sense of euphoria and anticipation.

The Dutch duo AVAO, also known as Levi Kotten & Stijn Rutte return to Hardwell’s Revealed Recordings to release their latest high-voltage track, solidifying their position as virtuosos in crafting dark and energetic soundscapes. AVAO's unparalleled talent for crafting immersive electronic music experiences shines through as they blend elements of trance, techno, and progressive sounds into a unique sonic tapestry, creating high-energy tracks that leave audiences breathless. This can be seen from their impressive discography, already releasing a plethora of productions this year, including their infectious singles ‘Ex To See’ and ‘Drug In Me’. The duo are known for their electrifying performances and innovative productions and continue to redefine the future of dance music.

Transport to the future in AVAO’s latest masterpiece ‘Give Me’ out exclusively via Revealed Recordings on the 20th July 2023!

Give Me - Avao⁠ 
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