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Funkybeat returns to the Revealed family with his debut track on Gemstone Records titled ‘Lady.’ Featuring retro-sounding synths, rhythmic guitar strums, and vocals from the talented David Shane, the record certainly lives up to the signature Funkybeat sound.

‘Lady’ begins with warm synth chords and beautiful arpeggios in the background. Muted electric guitar strums are later introduced into the mix along with David Shane’s opening verse. While organ and piano progressions accompany the buildup, the drop highlights a fresh blend of oscillating synths, vocal ad-libs, and electric guitars.

Funkybeat is best known for his take on the modern retro funk and disco sound. In addition to receiving support from powerhouses such as Nicky Romero and Don Diablo, his stellar productions have earned him releases on labels such as Protocol Recordings and the Revealed Community. David Shane is no new name to the Revealed catalog. His beautiful vocal productions have been featured on Revealed by artists such as Manse, R3spawn, and RMCM.

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