With Me

Dastic⁠ feat. Amanda Collis

Leading on from his Revealed Recordings debut this Summer that had listeners and devotees of the imprint ‘All Fired Up’, Dutch don Dastic blazes back with a sophomore release that is yet another white-hot heater on ‘With Me’.

Taking things into a more atmospheric, feel-good direction, ‘With Me’ commences with keys that linger, as clear as crystal in their precision, to build a mountainous melody. “When You’re Near/ There’s No Wrong Or Right” tells the female topline with a self-assured positive energy, encompassing the joy of unity through relationships, whether these be friendships, family or loves in life. As Dastic reinforces the message with tinkering, shining notes of rhythm that elevate and shoot like stars, it’s an effervescent, optimistic interpretation of Summer-set house infused with strokes of Big-Room weight come the chorus. 

Earning his stripes through these early releases alone, Dastic has proven his worth and clear diversity in straddling genres through his music, weaving through as part of the rich tapestry that Hardwell’s Revealed Recordings has created this past decade and continues to do so as one of the best imprints in the industry.

Make sure you get your hands on ‘With Me’ from Dastic, out August 7th!

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