Attention to all producers! Together with our friends from iZotope, we are hosting a remix contest for 'Once Again' by Dillon Francis and VINNE. On this page, you will find all the information you need about the contest.


Just download the stems below for free, create your remix and submit it before  July 28th2022. Check out the rules section below to find out how exactly you can submit your remix.



The winner will get a one-year subscription to the Music Production Suite Pro with the latest iZotope plug-ins, always up to date with the newest features. Plus, the access to a ton of subscriber exclusives like samples and presets from chart-topping artists, advanced production courses, and more!

The winner will also get the chance to release the record in one of our Revealed Recordings record labels. This decision will be taken by the A&R team of Revealed in case of being possible.


During the contest, A&R Manager Ortzy will host a session in the Revealed Discord server. Keep an eye out for our socials to find out more details about this feedback session.

Join us today if you haven’t already to meet the other participants and the rest of the Revealed community! In this server, there are also lots of other producers who will work on the contest.



Before submitting your demo, please see the rules below:
- You have to be 15+, otherwise ask your parents approval before submission.
- Submit your remix via the button below.
- In the description of your submission, please add the note: “Once Again Remix Contest”
- Your remix should be a Dance Music production.
- Use the remix parts of 'Once Again' from this web page.
- You can ONLY submit 1 remix for the contest.
- The deadline for submission is July 28th
- The winner will be announced on our social media channels on August 2nd
- The winner will get a chance on being signed to the label!*

* Our A&R team will decide if the remix can be released on our labels

Good luck and happy remixing!